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Solutions in Office 365 for:


  1. Responsible Persons

  2. Managing Agents / Property Owners

  3. Risk Assessors

  4. Surveyors

  5. Inspectors

  6. Maintenance Staff

Our Values:
  1. Placing People First

  2. Managing Compliance

  3. Using Proven Technologies

  4. Using the Right Technology

  5. Supporting Collaboration 

  6. Supporting Communication

  7. Co-ordinating Workflows

  8. Working in Partnership

Capture and Own Your Data in Office 365
Exchange Information Digitally

Levering the Power of Microsoft Teams & PowerApps

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Meet the Golden Thread Requirements by owning and sharing Information in Microsoft Teams
Lever the Technology you already pay for, use and trust  
Collect and Share Data, Generate Workflows, Develop Action Plans and Analyse Information

Why Options on Data are Important

Dame Judith Hackitt in her report ‘Building a Safer Future’ made recommendations in relation to Digital Record keeping including a digital record of fire safety components for High Rise Residential Buildings and other high-risk buildings.


This was envisaged as a single repository, easily accessed and easily understood, that would emerge during the initial design process through to construction – and be there to deal with any changes and maintenance for the life of the building.  Such a record would:
•    Ensure accountability for decisions and dis-incentivise corner-cutting for the sake of cost.
•    Provide a ‘Golden Thread’ of information in relation to fire doors and passive fire protection generally
•    An accurate linked record of specifications, fire test evidence, certification and all the information required for traceability 


Our fire door risk asset management, inspection and maintenance tool built in Microsoft Office 365 Power Apps, with data in Microsoft SharePoint does this.  


Our solution supports the requirement that all data relating to Building Fire Safety sits in one place with clients having the option to owns the data and integrate with existing systems.  It also supports data analysis and creation of workflows dependent on the non-conformities.  A traditional report is also produced in either HTML or MS Word.

Construction Plans
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 Manage Fire 

 Safety, Asbestos 

 Legionella  Inspections &

Risk Assessments 

 Develop and Communicate Evacuation Stratgies

Manage Contractors

  • Digitising Risk Assessments and Inspection reporting

  • Keeping track of findings

  • Manage closeout of significant findings through workflows

  • Approve corrective action using the maintenance App

  • Visualise the status of remedial works

  • Track status and location of non-conformities

  • Schedule site activities

  • Share Information - Schematics, Photographs, Drawings etc.

  • Lever Microsoft's Education Technologies

    • Tenant Evacuation Strategies

    • Contractor Site Induction and Toolbox Talks

    • Communicate Evacuation Strategies

    • Enable tenants to report defects  

  • Capture and Control
    (Who, What, When, How)

  • Co-Ordinate & Control

  • Exchange Information 

  • Manage and Closeout Works

    • Capture Key Contractor Information

    • Assess & Manage Competence

    • Maintain Due Diligence

    • Manage Tasks 

    • ​Exchange Documentation

    • ​Communicate Efficiently

    • Issue Permit to Work Documents

    • ​Schedule Activities

 Manage Assets

 Inspect & Assess Assets

 Manage Non Conformities

  • Create Assets

  • Import schematics

  • Record details of assets e.g. Fire doors (PowerApps & SharePoint)

  • Bar code, and scan

  • View & Amend details

  • Inspect Assets

  • Bar code, and scan

  • Log the non conformity against  schematics

  • Record details of the non-conformity e.g. Breach of fire break partition

  • Take a picture of the non-conformity

  • Assign tasks (internal and external)

  • Create workflows within Office 365

  • View & Amend details

  • Review the Assets

  • Bar code, and scan

  • View the non conformity on schematics

  • Record details of the corrective action

  • Take a picture of the repair

  • Record action taken

  • Record costs (Hrs, parts etc.)

  • Create review workflows within Office 365

Other Solutions within

Office 365 

Illustration of Tools (Click on the link below)

Use the other tools within Office 365 to: 

  • Communication of evacuation strategies

  • Co-ordination with Emergency Services 

  • Tenant reporting of issues of concern 

  • Registering of needs (PEEPs)

  • Registering safe evacuation

  • Sharing of fire safety information with Contractors and other Visitors

  • Sharing of Building fire Safety Information

Please ask for a demo / details. 


We can digitise and create bespoke solutions!

Manage Compliance

Key Points

Address Golden Thread Requirements
Establish Control
Address Non Conformities
(Planner / Outlook / To Do)
Own Data (SharePoint)
Analyse Data (PowerBI)
Create and Manage Tasks
(PowerAutomate Worflows) 
Collaborate (Teams)
Generate Fully Formatted &
Editable Microsoft Word Document Reports from PowerApps
Maintain Control
Create Efficiencies &
Minimise Cost (Office 365)


Corporate Cover Ltd., T/A Building Safe is a Company that specialises in using Microsoft Technologies to Support Fire Risk Assessors, Managing Agents & Clients needs.

From Fire Risk Assessment to Fire Asset Management, Inception and Maintenance, to the Use and Implementation of Technologies, Corporate Cover takes pride in delivering solutions that work.

Corporate Cover levers Low Cost, Resilient and Secure Technologies to facilitate Effective and Safe Management of Risk.  Tools that you and your employees will be comfortable with.

Contractor Exchange understands Risk and Operations.  It is headed by Qualified Mechanical Engineers, Software Developers and Construction Safety / Risk Management Professionals. 

For the purposes of GDPR, Corporate Cover Ltd is Registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Who are We ?

Craig Edwards holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. After leaving University he quickly fell into software development at BAE Systems. Other employers included Multi-Part and London Transport (CCTV systems).

Gary Watts worked in the insurance industry for 20 years, before moving into Risk Management and IT. By qualification he is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, Health and Safety Practitioner and qualified (CMaPS) Member Association of Project Safety (CDM 2015).


Client Work Includes:

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