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 Manage the Challenge 
of the
Building Safety Act 

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In summary we offer:

  1. Project Assurance

  2. Tools for the Principal Designer:

    • Construction Control Plan 

    • Change Control Plan

    • Competency Assessment

    • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

    • Evidence Constructional Standards

  3. Applications for the Principal Contractor

  4. Development of the Safety Case

  5. Ownership of your Golden Thread 

  6. Closeout of the requirements for the Building Safety Act

  7. Document Management to ISO 19650

Our approach to the Building Safety Act is to:

  • Support Development of a Building Safety Case using an Assurance Model

  • Provide the Principal Designer with an Assurance tool devloped in Microsoft PowerApps with data written directly to the clients SharePoint site.

  • Develop data gathering applications in PowerApps

  • Evidence the suitable design, construction and management of higher-risk buildings

  • Enable Principal Designers and Contractors to work in the client Microsoft 365 environment and associate evidence against the Assurance framework

  • Provide clients with a comprehensive off the shelf 'Buildings Safety Management system' which they will own.

  • Support Stakeholder engagement:

    • Regulator

    • Fire and Rescue Service

    • Resident's PEEPS

Building the Safety Case

Our Digital Assurance Framework has been authored by subject matter experts and references best practice standards. 


Key Reasons:

  • Completeness

  • Ownership of Data  

  • Consistency / Analytics

  • Cost 

  • Evidential requirements

  • Adherence to Regulatory Standards

  • Information Governance and Retention Policies 

  • Inputs through PowerApps

  • Competence (PAS 8761 / 2 / 3 - Competence - Skills,m Knowledge, Behaviours requirements)

  • Report to Excel, Word and HTML ​

  • Develop workflows, address non-conformities, and take remedial actions 


Support your Estate throughout its life cycle:

  • Design

  • Build

  • Install

  • Commission

  • Handover

  • Manage and Maintain

  • Refurb

  • and Demolition


Move from Design through the Gateways to completion with:

  • Construction Control Plans

  • Change Control Plans

  • Competency Assessments

  • Assurance that you will have the right Information and evidence at the end of the project



Compelling reasons to develop your Safety Case and Building Management System using our Assurance Framework in Microsoft Technologies





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Applications developed in Microsoft 365 by subject matter experts

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