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 Building Safety Management

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Developing the Building Safety Management System
(During construction and in-occupation).

We can provide clients with a comprehensive suite of digital off the shelf Buildings Safety Management tools developed within Microsoft 365 PowerApps and SharePoint which organisations (clients and PDs) can take ownership of, and adopt and develop to suit their own circumstances. In summary:

  1. Evidence the Golden Thread

  2. Safety Management (PD) Apps for:

  • Change Control (log).

  • Construction Control Planning 
    (Plan, Manage and Monitor).

  • Competence
    (Individuals and organisations).

  • Assurance
    (underpin the Safety Case and Golden Thread)

  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

  • Gateway 3
    BSR / FRS pre- occupation.


The headers for our model Building Safety Management System are as follows:

  • Building Safety Policy

    • Building Safety Risks

    • Managing Safety Risks

    • Existing Buildings

    • New Buildings

  • Statement of Organisational Responsibilities

    • Estates Operations

    • Dutholders

    • Principal Designers

    • Principal Contractors

  • ​Safety Case Reports

    • Structural Collapse: Residential Unit/Common Areas/Within Floor Scenario events.

    • Structural Collapse: Multiple Floor/Whole Building events.

    • ​Risk of Building Collapse

    • Missing Structural Collapse Risk Assessment Information

    • Monitoring, Inspection, Maintenance and Review of Structural Areas of Concern

    • Risk of Fire

    • ​Risk Tolerability

    • Risk Management

      • ​Elimination

      • Substitution

      • Engineering controls

      • Administrative controls

      • PPE equivalent controls

  • Implementation

    • Safety Management System

    • Competence, Co-ordination, Co-operation, Communication and Control

    • Risk Identification and Control

    • Change Management

    • The ‘Golden Thread’

    • Construction Control Plans

    • Development of Emergency Procedures

  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

  • Monitoring Auditing and Review

Building Safety Management System 2
Building Safety Management System 1

Applications developed in Microsoft 365 by subject matter experts

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