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 Construction Control Plan

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Developing the Project Safety Management System


Effective project policies set a clear direction for organisations to follow. They contribute to all aspects of a project’s performance as part of a demonstrable commitment to regulatory standards, and a process of continuous improvement.

Responsibilities to future occupiers and stakeholders are met in ways which fulfil the spirit and letter of the law. Stakeholders’ expectations in the activity of the build whether they are future residents, tenants, the building regulator, insurers, and the fire and rescue service are satisfied.

Our tools support the Building Control Plan developed within Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint include:

  • Change Control (log).

  • Construction Control log (Plan, Manage and Monitor).

  • Competence log (Individuals and organisations).

  • Assurance Framework to underpin the Safety Case and Develop the Golden Thread.

  • Critical elements of construction inspection

  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting log (During construction and in-occupation).

  • Gateway 3 preparation (self audit before a BSR / FRS pre occupation visit).

Implementation of the Construction Control Plan (Copyright - Building

​For each new project, a Construction Control Plan must be developed before construction work starts. The Construction Control Plan should describe:

  • Strategies to ensure compliance with all applicable Building Regulations.

  • How compliance with Building Regulations will be maintained during the course of building work.

  • Arrangements for Co-operation, Co-ordination, Communication, Competence and Control.

  • How Compliance will be evidenced.

Construction Control Plans are required to describe working arrangements for the Principal Contractor and all other contractors to follow including:

  • Schedule detailing each Company appointed to work on the project, the Principal Contractor (or sole contractor), and the Principal Designer (or sole or lead designer), and a summary of individual responsibilities.

  • Arrangements to assess the Competence of those designing or carrying out building work, as initially described within the signed declaration of competence.

  • Strategies, Policies and Procedures detailing steps to control the work and facilitate suitable and sufficient recording of necessary information to support Golden Thread Information requirements.

  • Capture of information to evidence completion in accordance with the design intent and Building Regulations with specific reference to Guidance, Standards and Design Codes.

  • Management arrangements to ensure ‘as Built Information’ is captured to support the completion certificate application.

  • Arrangements for the provision of information, instruction, and training to those carrying out building work.

  • Arrangements to support Co-operation between Designers, Contractors, and Others.

  • Procedures to review the Construction Control Plan.


Construction Control Plans are required to be passed over at the end of a project for retention by UCL as part of the buildings 'Golden Thread of Information'.

The headers for our model Construction Control Plan are as follows:

  • Organisational Arrangements

    • ​​Terms of reference and the scope of work within tender documentation

    • ​RIBA Design Risk Management (DRM) approach

    • ​​Due diligence pre-qualification checks

    • Overall responsibility for design risk management

  • Principal Designer Appointment

    • ​Requirement to be part of the design team

    • ​'Lead Designer' and 'Principal Designer' duties within tender and contractual documentation​

    • Competence to ‘assess and challenge’

    • ​Submission of key documentation at Gateway 2

  • Principal Contractor Appointment

    • Appointment

    • Competencies and Organisational Capabilities

    • Formalisation of Principal Contractors duties

  • Contractual Requirements

    • Contractual agreements with Structural Engineers

    • Contractual agreements with Fire Safety Engineers

    • Detailing adequate design information

  • Designer Competency Standards

  • Designer Compliance Statements

  • Structural Design Statements

    • Peer review

    • Completeness

    • Deemed to satisfy basis

    • Class Statement for the structure

    • Class 3 buildings

    • Drawings and calculations

    • Interim and final construction stage structural stability

    • Confirmatory statement

  • Design Quality Processes

    • ​Design standards

    • Design submission standards

    • Timely transfer of key information 

  • Plan Manage and Monitor

    • Building control professionals appointed to oversee building work

    • Records of design and validation checking works

    • Presence of hazards from other buildings or activities

    • Inspection, production of the specified evidence, and sign-off of safety critical components

    • Review and sign off 'as built', against 'designs’.

  • People and processes

    • Management of soft risks

    • Temporary works

    • Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites

    • Health and safety file

    • Significant residual risks / Risk Register

  • Fire and Emergency File

    • Fire Safety Design

    • Fire safety design due diligence

    • Review of the fire safety design by the Principal Designer

    • Fire safety drawings / schematics

    • Fire Safety Critical Elements

  • Structural Safety Critical Elements

    • Fire safety critical elements

    • Design responsibility for steel to concrete connections

    • ​Safety Critical Elements' that prevent people falling, or fixings that secure items

    • Structural Safety Critical Elements that provide protection from, or could detrimentally interface with, hidden hazards

    • Intended design life and future mainteance plan

  • Building Control Submissions

    • Building Control submission record

    • Building Control approval process record

    • Project file

  • Change Control Plans

    • Change control assurance process

    • Communication of change control requests and approvals

    • Notifiable changes

    • Record keeping

  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

    • Statement to the Building Control Approval BodyGolden Thread of Information

  • Golden thread

    • Accurate records

    • 'As built' records underpinning the safety case

    • UCL receipt of the ‘Golden Thread’

  • Information Governance

    • Format of the ‘Golden Thread’

    • Information Security

    • Back up

    • Accessibility

  • Dutyholder Statements

    • Declarations / statements of compliance
    • Catalogue of evidence



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