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Microsoft 365 for
Buildings Safety Management

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Tranforming Teamwork with Office 365

Lever Microsoft Teams & PowerAps to Improve the Way Contractors Work
and Communivcate


PAS 8673 Competence Requirements for teh Management of Safety in Residential Buildings
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The Team

Microsoft 365 offers solutions for Designers, Principal Contractors, Specialist Sub-Contractors and Front Line Workers in the form of
Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, Planner, OneNote & Dynamics

Add the Right Solutions to Your Team Microsoft Environment 


We can deliver:

  1. Microsoft 365 Training

  2. Building and Project management Systems

  3. PowerApps for:

  • Assurance including safety case report & building risk assessment

  • Change Control

  • Competence verification

  • Critical elements of construction inspection

  • Mandatory occurrence reporting

  • Gateway 3 preparation

  • PEEPs

  • Resident Engagement Strategies

  • Building Inspections

  • Building safety log books

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Safety Inspections

  • Permit to Work Systems

Applications developed in Microsoft 365 by subject matter experts

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Microsoft 365
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