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 Assurance Framework

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Evidential Audit



Our Assurance Framework can be used to evidence that buildings have been designed and built to be 'fit for purpose', and are suitably managed.


The process of assurance requires that appropriate standards have been met and that suitable management systems are in place to manage building safety risks.  Against the statements evidence can be associated.  This can be used to underpin the 'Safety Case' and support the 'Golden Thread'.

Our Building Safe Assurance model is also designed to support the role of Principal Designers, Principal Contractors.  There is also a Gateway 3 Life Safety Equipment self audit tool that may be used to support FRS / BSR assessment inspections. 


In total there are 12 sections which are described below.  The tools:

  • Examine Management Systems (Systematic Risk Failures).

  • Covers Structural and Fire Safety aspects of a buildings safety.

  • Account for fire safety strategy, the tolerability of risk and the first principles of fire engineering concepts.

  • Take account of quality standards and performance based engineering (review / barriers / demonstrate).

  • Seeks evidence of suitable design, installation, commissioning and acceptance of life safety systems e.g. smoke control.

  • Meet the needs of competent design professionals (peer review).

  • Offer evidential assurance of risk management systems.

  • Is outcome based.  The process is objective, sequential and systematic.

  • Considers and accounts for ‘Layer of Protection’ (Swiss cheese).  The output can be used to generate a bow tie risk assessment for the building.

Our Assurance process:


A - Summary of the Safety Case Report
B - Key Building Information

C - Building Safety Management System

D - Emergency Planning

E - Stakeholder Engagement

F - Risk Management - Fire and Other Risks

G - Risk Management - Structural Stability
H - Building Design and Build

I - Building Integrity and Fire Resistance

K - PSM - Project Safety Management

L - Car Park Design, Build and Operation

Greater details is provided on the sub-page

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