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 Upskilling Your Staff  
in the requirements of the
Building Safety Act 

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The Right Training with the
Right Level of Detail. 

Empower Your Building Managers

Not only does our training materials cover off the syllabus for PAS 8763 - Built environment – Competence Requirements for the Management of Safety in Residential Buildings, and HSG 65 (Safety Management Systems), but also the technical aspects of:

  1. Secondary legislation

  2. What a good Safety Case looks like

  3. The key building information that constitutes the 'Golden Thread'

  4. Development of the Building Safety Management System

  5. Emergency planning and preparedness

  6. Stakeholder Engagement

  7. The management of fire risks

  8. The management of a buildings structural risks

  9. The critical components in a safe building design

  10. Build standards

  11. Fire safety engineering strategies, and expected integrity and fire resistance standards

  12. Life safety equipment

  13. Project safety management 

  14. Gateway requirements

  15. Car park design and build

Applications developed in Microsoft 365 by subject matter experts

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